Charles Matson

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Decadent Interiors

Ran across this site full of beautifully documented interiors of abandoned sites across America. These images appeal to me for so many reasons, but I think the underlying attraction boils down to the tragic/beautiful quality, (akin to my taste for sweet/salty). Reminds me of a phrase I've heard: "such sweet sorrow".


Bird Nests

Just wanted to pass this beautiful link along via Dear Ada who credits a few other blogs. This link is well worth viewing and passing on. Gorgeous birds' nest photographed by Sharon Beals.



Celio Braga

More paper slicing by artist Celio Braga
a mixed media artist whose website is really worth checking out. Really delicate and intricate drawings and sculptures.


more paper worlds

I've stumbled upon yet another impressive artist using cut paper to create environments as well as discreet wall pieces. Chris Nathrop is a LA based artist (I think) that, after drawing on paper for some time found cutting into the paper itself to be more satisfying. I think I've gotten onto this paper kick......enjoying discovering all these beautiful pieces of manipulated paper. I'm sure there will be more to come!


mid summer night

Summer, please don't end.......


Paper worlds

Mia Pearlman cuts paper to create these chaotic, whirling environments. Powerful, tumultuous landscapes without the land.

Noriko Ambe cut away these beautiful relief worlds that have a quieter, more painterly quality.

It's impressive to see how different the treatment of the same process can be. I also love the idea of revealing a new object or environment just by reducing what was there before. Not unlike Jean Blackburn's work from the last post.


Jean Blackburn

Today I'm assembling bookshelves from Ikea, part of the move towards maximizing our small amount of square footage this summer. The whole assembling process brought to mind this piece by artist Jean Blackburn. I love this piece......but I wouldn't want it to show up in a box w/ hardware.


Azalea OR

For so long I've wanted to start photographing some of the odd little places that are so characteristic of the small towns of Oregon as I remember them from when I was a kid. I always get a bit nostalgic for these places in the summer since that's when we ran around these rural areas either for camping or swimming or whatnot. I'm always afraid they'll be "improved" and lose all their great rough edges.

Yesterday I seized the opportunity while driving the I-5 to veer off course a bit and snap a few photos of the Azalea Market. It used to be a hotel and restaurant and at one time contained a post office. Outside a few freckled kids were hanging out with a jar of polywogs they'd just caught (catching polywogs used to be a passion of mine). Inside was dark and fairly sparse.... nothing much going on. Half the shelves were empty, as was the bird cage. An old black and white movie was rolling away on the t.v.. I'd always been nervous to ask to photograph these places but the owner seemed genuinely happy to have me snapping away as she explained some of the improvements she planned on doing.