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 Below is the progress I've made in the studio this week...a painting I let wait all through the winter and am now trying to finish.  It's 4'x4' and the detail in the sky is done in ink with a script pen nib.  It's taking far longer than I would like and is causing my hand some trouble so it's time to take another, hopefully shorter, break from it.
Above are two sweet little cameras that arrived in the mail yesterday.  A gift from someone thoughtful enough to provide the perfect distraction from the drawing.  I haven't shot film in years and am very much looking forward to playing around with these and seeing what kind of surprises appear....the kind of magic that only happens with film.  It's not just the fact that they are cute and vintage and analogue, but that this is a gift colors the nature of the object....in a very good way.


Vintage Cambodian Accordion

I found this vintage accordion book in an antique store in Saigon years ago.  I'm told it is a Camodian book of tales mixing Hindu and Buddhist stories.  It appears to be a sort of "primer" book....as if someone was learning to illustrate.  There are these beautiful traced lines and, while some of it is drawn gracefully and confidently, some of it appears a bit clumsy, with erasure marks and a sort of titanium "white-out" applied. 
I love it for all its flaws and grace. 
The calligraphy is amazing....I'm told it is Khmer.
I've never measured the length unfolded but it's about 15" in height and I would guess it might unfold to nearly 12' in length.


Artist Book Collection

I was asked to contribute some images to a talk on collecting artists books as a part of a group Book Arts show at Illahee Gallery.  Always good to work through a deadline. In doing this I ended up unearthing books I hadn't seen in years and now have out and enriching the my spaces in my studio and  home.



Stumbled upon this backyard shed destined for demolition and spent a sweet bit of time just looking and looking and soaking in the details with our cameras.  A pretty perfect way to spend an afternoon.


Brian Dettmer

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Brian Dettmer
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gave myself a deadline in the studio this week.
thought i had got nothing done by 3 pm but when i set out to photograph i found several finished books
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In the Studio

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Katherine the Great....reconstructed
approx dimensions...fits in the palm of your hand
butterfly fold with circles
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