All Hollow's Eve

I was introduced to the animations of The Brothers Quay in college. Their films are amazing. A visual eye-candy of sorts, but very dark, more like a strong dark licorice. I hadn't heard or seen anything from them in years and began to wonder what they're up to.
Turns out they've been very active. In the last few years they've released 3 feature length live action films, mixed w/ some animation (Institute Benjamenta, or This Dream People Call Human Life (1995), The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes (2006), Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass (TBA)) and have now have a DVD available of their short animations. You can get it here. They've even done a couple of videos for His Name is Alive, Michael Penn, Sparklehorse and some others. Check out the His Name is Alive video here, can't seem to find the others yet.
Now I've got to get my hands on these feature length films! Has anyone seen them?



Wish I could remember where I found this. Have been looking at lots of textiles and swooned when I saw this one. Thought I would share it.......will add the link when I find it.....promise.


What I was working on just minutes before my poor little letterpress broke.......


Jose Parla

My young sons, while dabbling in a bit of delinquency via an active obsession with graffiti, first introduced me to Jose Parla, immediately a favorite of mine. I just stumbled upon news of his first London show over at The Lumper. See the show here......check out that signature some lucky one is getting in her book!


Mr. Aves

Meet Mr. Aves, the typeface.
Via Quipsologies.


Dream Home

This popped up on my blogroll the other day and in case you might have missed it, this article is so worth reading, as are all the posts on this blog are. It's a modern comic-tragedy. And it takes place in a castle. Warning: it will dampen your dreams of living in a castle, leaving a slow-growing mold on them.


Give your eyes a workout.

Now take a fresh new look at color, here, where the research has been done for you by Susie Q at eyespy.
Though, I'm more of the intuitive/accidental (what's at Goodwill) interior design and fashion school, I'm intrigued with the idea of some new color combinations popping up around us and am personally into the dark citron, super lemon, fuchsia red and lavender. I haven't seen these colors around much and am wondering seeing what would happen with them in my studio.

Amelia Bauer

Amelia Bauer via wrongdistance.



Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz

From the series "Islands" by Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz.
You must also spend some time getting lost in their snowglobes.


Bathing with Bierko

It's difficult to view John Malcovich the same way after seeing this video, that could be a good thing.
Anyway, it kept running through my mind while watching Burn After Reading.
I think maybe Bierko has not found any actors brave enough to work with this interview format besides J. Malcovich since this is the one and only on this website . Too bad!