(Curtin, OR)


Ok, so this takes a little more than 5 minutes (without buffering) and is amazing to see. My computer takes an agonizingly long time with the buffering, and I was happy to see it through to the end.
This stop motion of a limited edition artist's book being made from printing to binding was made by Abigail Uhteg at the Women's Studio Workshop by compiling some 3000 photographs. See more info here.


Jess Hirsch has a new website


Brittany Sanders

These a few select images from Brittany Sanders' limited edition book, Denkbilder.  It's a slim edition of 7 and just 4"x4" in dimension, but full of old images culled from turn-of-the-century books of Paris and text (and this part I love) that has been selected from a much larger work of Walter Benjamin on the modern city. 
I love what happens when text and images are recontextualized  and made into something beautifully, uniquely it's own, but with a thread of the original ideas.