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The Grit
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I'm in GA for the weekend having  a little getaway with Pipo.  Today he is speaking at the Lamar Dodds Scool of Art here in Athens.  I'm spending the days wandering through this inspiring and quirky town.  I like it.
We've had great culinary fortune here in GA, beginning with a beautiful Southern fare at The Flying Biscuit in Atlanta and again last night and this morning at The Grit, here in Athens.  What these places share are an seemingly effortless ability to serve you the tastiest home cooking with a friendly pride with personality and  beauty in every object and surface that surrounds you!  This is SO my style!
I lived in GA for only my first 6 months...is it possible I absorbed a bit of the DNA in that time?


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Lately I seem to have birds on the brain.

It was definitely fueled, partly, by the freakish number of ravens I saw perching on fence posts  lining I-5 last week.

The finches at the Grange Co-op seem to be telepathically manipulating me to take them home.

If you know me well you know I'm Quail-giddy already.

I'm scoping out chickens on Craigslist, visualizing a coop in my backyard.

I've been trying, in vain, to coax birds into my backyard all summer with an array of feeders.

So far, no birds.
I'm determined not to be too impulsive about this... but I think I will start building a chicken coop soon.
It's inevitable.
I know I'm not alone in this.


Gypsy Faire


Spent part of the weekend at our cabin in the woods, then a hike down to Crater Lake. We were going to see if we could jump into the lake but it was a little chilly and windy, so we made friends with the chipmunks, one of whom helped himself to Q's snickers. I think we broke some rules, but they were just so darn cute.
The lake is amazing, such an intense blue! The hike down was easy but it's a workout on the way back up. I've been there several times but have never hiked down to the lake, so this time I made a point of getting to the actual water. Very glad I did.