I thought I had posted this before but now I can't find it.

Here is a student animation project set to Joanna Newsom.
A high school student!

via Animalarium.



I've been distracted all week.
I found these beautiful pieces over at at Wild Horses and I'm smitten.
And inspired.
And a little concerned
because I'm so inspired to take out a needle and thread and attack the vintage wool blankets that I've been collecting for years.....
 but I'm experiencing some of the worst tendinitis ever.  Even typing this post is somewhat painful.
I've been searching for the thing which won't kill my hands and arms but everything I love involves using them and any use at all seems to be more than these poor limbs can handle.
I have to admit I've already started in with the stitching
and am really loving it.

These images are from the Sri website and blog, both which are gorgeous with stitches and indigo.

The collection I'm in love with are the Boro (rags), which are mended items of the home.  At one time they were looked upon shamefully as evidence of poverty, but their unselfconscious beauty is becoming fully appreciated now.  I love that they arose out of function and utility and are now resurrected as objects of art and beauty.  They so richly meld so much; layers of mark making and texture, history and human condition.

It is time to give acupuncture a shot....or a poke...or whatever.