In the studio this week.


Diem Chau

Found both Diem Chau and Lindsay Sekulwicz on The Lumper.

Lindsay Sekulowicz

When you check out the website of this artist make sure to view the animations, especially the Ukranian Insect Race.


Some Beautiful Interiors

I just found this photographer on ArtMoco today.

You can see more of Wendy Cooper's images here.

Giving Shelter

I'm so looking forward to traveling to Albuquerque to see friends
next week.
I have the opportunity now because I was fortunate enough to be
invited to participate in this show which was curated by
my friend, Deborah Gavel. I wish I could show the piece
that I made for it, but unfortunately it had to go before
I had the chance to photograph it well enough but here is a small detail.
It's nice to be a part of such a
great project. This show is helping bring awareness to the Cradle
which I would love to contribute to as well. Hopefully
I will have the time to get that together.


Exotic Bird Sketchbook, too

Another little sketchbook I've put together.
I like these little birds, they're fun to draw.
I'm putting this on etsy today

Lauren Nassef

If you visit Book by it's Cover you can see the sketchbooks of
Lauren Nassef who did these beautiful drawings. These are from
her drawing a day blog. This was a happy find!

Part ll: The Doors

Windows in VN

I going a back a bit to earlier this year.
Showing some images of Vietnam.
I've got these organized so that these are just
a few of the windows. I literally have hundreds
of images from VN so I'm trying them out in
different arrangements.
The colors are so amazing there!


a long weekend

So nice to step away for the weekend.
Happy New Year!


Q's birthday

Yesterday was my youngest son's birthday.
This is his littlest best friend, Beene.
A portrait.



This is what I found on flikr today.
Many many amazing drawings
on this artist's site. I've just begun to look.
You can see them here.


a few more prints


Here are a few sketchbooks I've been working on.
The brown one is a moleskin that I've embellished.
And the other is a small handmade one.

You can see more pictures in my etsy shop.


bird watching book

i thought i would just catalog a few of my earlier pieces.
this is a one-of-a-kind book of collage and drawing.
i was doing a lot of pieces that involved combining a bird-watchers'
book w/ an old yearbook from the 20's.
it was kind of fun to see what happened, visually.

new prints

i pulled a batch of these prints yesterday.
very exciting for me.
these are plates that i made from large inkblot drawings that i
was playing around w/, some of them very large.
they remind me of chandeliers.
i'm going to post them on my etsy shop in sets of 3.