I found this over at The Ladies of Letterpress. Appeals to the Luddite in me. My clamshell press is not a lot more complex than this, really, which is exactly what I love about it. There are no motors running while I'm working, maybe just some Leonard Cohen crooning in the background and the levers and hinges of the press gliding. It's a quiet, meditative process (not as fast as these two at work).
Lately, as I'm gearing up for holiday faires my studio is feeling like an old-school Santa's Workshop and I find that's actually influencing the designs I'm coming up with which are heading more towards toys and decorations of a more hands-on era.  I'm enjoying the process very much.


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Juliana Peloso
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This is at the top of my wish list for Christmas.
I saw this sweet little painting at the Gallery Espresso when I was in Savannah and have not forgotten it.  I could gush on and on about the sweetness of this little peafowl forever but I will refrain.


When we visited the Getty a few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of wondering through the many rooms of Irving Penn's work.  They were the images of people of all walks of life dressed in their work clothes from London, New York and Paris.  It was an amazing show; hundreds of images stacked salon style and each one of them commanding your attention for its details, or its humor or its mystery and all shot in a purely unadorned, naturally lit studio with a large format camera. 
I was saddened to see that Irving Penn died today at 92.


Oh, I think that it will take me a few posts to share my enthusiasm for GA, Savannah especially!  I'm starting here with a few of the gorgeous interiors of some of my favorites.   I could definitely have spent more time in this town, I can tell there is much richness under the lovely surface which I barely had begun to scratch.
The first three images are from the Back In The Day Bakery.  Mmm...red velvet cupcakes!
The next two are diner cars that Savannah College of Art and Design have restored and opened for business.
The next three are from Gallery Espresso, I made it a point to be there every day, it was just that nice!
(I will show some work that was showing there in a post soon.)
And finally, I have to get the link for this soon and will include it, but this is a bistro we returned to not only for the great atmosphere but for the shrimp and grits!