Anna Hepler

Saw this artist at the Richard Levy Gallery in ABQ. The pieces in the show that I was so smitten with were not on her website, but they were much like these, layers of plexi with small blue marks on them and framed by antique paper portrait mats.


"Giving Shelter"

Here is just a small sample of the work from the "Giving Shelter" show in Albuquerque.
What a impressive turnout the opening had! It's good for the cause, of course, but selfishly it was very cool to bump into so many folks from the past. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera at the opening, but on the other hand, at least I had the day before, when I went to see the show with Deborah. We were lucky to get a personal tour of the show by Deborah with a bit of background to the vast variety of artists involved.

Gina Dominique.

Kris Mills.
Deborah Gavel, on the left, curator extrodanaire.
Naomi Natale, on the right, impressive force behind "The Cradle Project"



One of the things about Albuquerque that I love the best (aside from the good friends) is the inspired sense of the beautiful. Maybe the best kept secret about the city is that it is the most ready-made place on earth. Here are a few interiors and yards of some very dear peoples' homes.
Every minute of our visit there was rich with wonderful people and great food.
My next post will include more about the show, which was beautifully put together. Pictures of the opening can be seen here.



Ok, so P just turned me on to this site and I'm just begining to explore it's multitude of images.
An amazing archive of images that leads you to an endless link of somewhat related or vaguely similar images. Non-stop fun!
The top image led me to this site and the bottom image lead here.



I once had a drawing assignment in college: make 40 drawings in 4 hours.
The fact is, I don't think anyone accomplished that, but the awareness that
sometimes you need to crank out a lot of noncommittal work in order to loosen
up and find a few new ideas stayed with me. I spent an some time this week doing this
and found that these little tags were just the right size and non-art-type
material to work with.

po lovey

This is the world's most pathologically vain and aloof cat. But we love him.
I don't think he knows he's crossed-eyed.