Moving Pictures

Thanks to Laura over at Animalarium, who always shares such beautiful work on her blog, for sharing this animation Vogens de vogels (according to birds) from Dutch artist Linde Faas.  Turn up the volume and listen in a quiet space to experience the subtlty of sound and image.


Margareta Kern

Margareta Kern has documented women in Croatioa, Bosnia and Herzgovina who have been making clothes in which they want to be buried.  This is not an established custom or tradition, she heard of it while in her mother's dress shop.  Just a small population of women are doing this, but she traveled around the area and managed to photograph and interview many of them.   
This is such a beautiful project to consider, and the images are no less amazing to me.


Found Photo

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SX70 circa 1976

This is part of a collection that I found which we will be seeing in the future in the form of a small road-trip book.  They are a odd mixture of the amazing and the mundane all from one of my most nostalgic eras: that of my earliest years, which make me feel a certain ownership over these. (That, and the fact that someone gave these coveted moments up)  I can almost swear I've witnessed the bits and pieces that make up these images, but in a different time and place.


An Odd Bestiary

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"There were people who ventured out and glimpsed what life was like beyond the stone walls surrounding the medieval community, and when those travelers returned home they brought word of an earth so large, so full of splendor, so remote from the experience of those at home, that their tales altered people's dreams."
Laurie Block,
from the introduction to The Odd Beastiary compiled and illustrated by Alan James Robinson.

This is my happy thrift store find today. 
I love that the descriptions sound like something Edward Gorey might have dreamed up, particularly with the sloth which reads:" His looks, his gestures and his cries all conspire to entreat you to take pity on him"  - Charles Waterson


I Breathe a New Song

I Breathe a New Song, Poems of the Eskimos edited by Richard Lewis and illustrated by Oonark.

 My latest happy thrift store find is this circa 1970 book of Eskimo poetry illustrated by Oonark, whom I just guessing is a inuit himself.
It's generous with the playful illustrations.....a quality I admire in a book.


Lauren Nassef


I've posted several times about Lauren Nassef, but she is well-worth revisiting. 
I love the simple straight forward nature of her drawing while having a sly sense of humor.
Her Drawing A Day blog is still going strong after years and I see that she's just uploaded 20 new pieces to her shop, which fill me with want, like this quick fox.