Nicholas Jones

Anyone that knows the work that I did w/ the sculptural books will know why, when I see the work of Nicholas Jones I just want to weep. It's gorgeous, true, but that is not the real reason I want to weep.........I just didn't even dream of having such amazing craftmanship as this.....he has raised the bar of what I thought was achievable w/ an exacto. Here's a great interview at the Design Files. Lots of great pictures of his studio and works in progress.


Benicia Gantner

Layers of cell cast acrylic and vinyl, Benicia Gantner refers to these luscious pieces as "wistful pictures of a more perfect world". They really are some gorgeous eye candy, and being acrylic laminate, I imagine the surface would be oh so tempting to touch. Thanks to dear ada for this. I think I'm needing a kick of color on this otherwise dreary pacific nw day.


on it's way to locks-of-love, from Q.
PHX airport, where you can spot some super nice cowboy boots!


it's a rabbit...sort of

i know i have lots of animals already...........
but i think i need one of these.



Julie Krakowski

Brussels-based French textile designer Julie Krakowski.
This is from a series called Coffee and Cigarettes.
Found this beautiful piece on wrongdistance.com.


April showers

That's SNOW falling on A! Yes, it's snowing in April.



This is a great place to find some new music, or rediscover old music. I stumbled upon a few songs that I had completely forgotten about from about 20 yrs ago mixed in w/ bits of this and that which I've never heard. In the tradition of the old mixtapes that we used to swap, here are more mixes than you'll know what to do with. But the resources are endless at last.fm.


Square America

So much snapshot history here! I haven't had a chance to find out as much as I would like about this website, but someone has meticulously archived all of these obscure and wonderful snapshots of America.


a spot of pink...and red

I'm digging through my photos of Vietnam today. Spring is starting to show and I'm wanting to see more and more color after so many months of dreary. So, here are a few of the bits and pieces of color that I loved in Vietnam.