Lunch Break

by Marielle at Lunch Break.


The Writing Pen

As evidenced in my poor attempt at "blogging on the go" with the Nokia 800,
I believe
if I am to get another gadget
it should be
this one

via Quipsoliogies


Audrey Corregan

from the series Obviously


Technical Difficulties

Fluffing the nest has become major overtime chore, as we try to finish what we've started before The Dust of Life hits the road. Truly hardcore fluffing!
Meanwhile, internet abandoned us for several days, leaving me w/ a glitchy post stuck on my blog and w/o my valuable fluffing-the-nest-resource......Craigslist,
where, now that it is up and running (post perplexingly tense phone w/ world's slowest CS person at Charter), I found this little gem:

Old Painting of woman on velvet (not for children) - $1500 - $1500 - (Grants Pass OR) pic

In lieu of a real post myself, I direct you, once again, the The Dust of Life's blog where he's found the perfect way to deal w/ the lack of time to devote to blogging by engaging some excellent guest bloggers. Last week's posts were provided by Peter and Max (have not had the pleasure of meeting these two, but have heard so much about them and was always interested to see what they posted). This week, son, RDC (reappearing double chin) will be guest blogging and I'm very much looking forward to seeing what this complex little man will post.


Nokia 800

trying out this sexy little gadget.

may need one of these for blogging on the go...


summer = swim



Julee Holcombe


Tree Drawings

Tim Knowles' Tree Drawings

Fraenze Straessle

a few more sites of interest

One that's capitalizes on awkward moments......and encourages your contributions
(via 52 Projects, always worth checking out)

One full of suspense and drama

One in which we can confess and be confessed to.....and respond

One in which everyday could be a stage



Theo Jansen

a bit of kinetic wonder via this blog.



75 sheets of paper cut, clamped by my letterpress 5X each, cleaned up, folded, stuffed in envelopes and sent off to my dear cousin, who will hopefully be happy w/ these wedding invites. Will show the details after she's approved them.......
my hands are tired.....but it was very satisfying.