In the Studio

this is a work in progress...not yet finished, but i think it's kinda fun to take a look at the process and so i would like to document this one i work along on it.  
it's a 4'x4' panel and i'm using a couple of different materials here: house paint, acrylic/gesso, guache, a variety of inks with a crow quill pen for those tiny lines in the details.
it's taken four days to get to this point with it....building up those tiny lines can really swallow up the time.


Nina Katchadourian

mended spiderwebs from the uninvited collaborations with nature

A little encouragement from Ira...

and who doesn't need a little encouragement now and then?

by David Shiyang Liu

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.


In the Studio

48 x 48"
house paint, acrylic, gesso, color pencil



in the studio.
india ink and crowquill pen 22 x 30".


Red Fox

mixed media
24 x 24"


Elijah Gowin

Elijah Gowin from his series "Of Falling and Floating"


Sara Lovelady

All of this is the incredible work of the lovely Sara Lovelady. *pictured above demonstrating her mad skills in mosaic



This is a new project....a collaboration with my friend, Annabel.
I've had this urge for awhile now to work with porcelain but to be honest with myself there are only so many things you can try to be good at and there is no way I am catching up to the talent of the likes of Annabel at the wheel.
The process of collaborating has also been on my wish list, but up until now I have not found the right person/project to pursue.
This is the perfect project.  Working with Annabel is exactly what I need right now.....we're our own little  mutual admiration society.  It's such a fun process of designing:  problem solving, experimenting and humor (well, with Annabel humor is always a major component).
Something about this process of collaborating has freed me up to play with design more....and more lightly (because it is a contribution? the nature of the project?) and more focused (Annabel cracks that whip). And I'm curious to see how it grows.

Annabel's studio is tucked into the back of her enchanting (seriously; a pond, wysteria, magnolias, frogs at night..etc. ) back yard.  It's a dusty clay space adorned with old wood block stamps from everywhere, plants, paintings, butterflies, tools, colors, books....it's a crazy good space. I can lose myself in it, and I did.....the day spent drawing these I sat in the same chair for 7 straight hours without getting up to eat or stretch....it had seemed more like 3. (I don't just mean these few...there are 24 cups to our primary experimental batch)
So, she gets these 24 out of the kiln and brings them down to my work because we don't have the patience to wait for the next day and we immediately begin the process of problem solving again and mentally noting the do's and don'ts of the next batch.
Annabel is also a highly productive and motivated person....she's set her demand at 40 for the next batch!  Hear that whip snap?


Bach in the forest

I've neglected this space far too long
This, although it's an ad, is such a great piece
via The Fox is Black


Annabel Lee

Was a treat last night to stay up until the wee hours drinking sake, sharing stories and watching this wildly talented woman throw these sweet cups on the wheel as if it were second nature.



Subsistence of early Newfoundlanders

This archive is rich....archived found photos of early life in Newfoundland.  Indulges both my love for found photos and my curiosity for Newfoundland (as well as all things with that vintage richness). Such good stories to imagine here.