Happy Lunar New Year!

Ah, if I had known we could dress up it might have been a bit more fun.......
Happy Lunar New Year!!
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Bat for Lashes

Don't give up on this too quickly, it gets really good.
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Here's something fun to do: add a little "history" to your photos here.
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The Art of Routine

I cherish routine. Inadvertently, I've become a true creature of habit. Because of circumstance, my routines change daily, but I carve out a bit of ritual or habitual compulsiveness in each and every day.....which always starts with a strong cup of coffee (frothed whole milk, no sugar), usually ends with a glass of wine (red, spicy, full-bodied) and always a family dinner. Studio time is carved out in between a lot of driving. Some quick peeks into the thrift stores are sneaked in along the way, as well as a second cup of coffee. There's some list-making going on in there followed by a lot rationalized procrastination.
This blog is a great read for all of us who recognize the structure (obvious or not-so-obvious) that our habits provide.
Thanks to 52 Projects, who always has such great links. (I'm resisting an obvious pun, here)


Thorne Rooms

Thorne Rooms at Phoenix Museum of Art

created by Narcissa Niblack Thorne.
Marveled at these period specific intricate miniatures on our winter excursion to the SW.


Laura Letinsky

Lovely little messes from Laura Letinsky.

The Moment on photosynth

Be watching for Obama's Inaugural moment on Cnn using Photosynth.
They'll be taking all the images submitted of Obama taking the oath from all different angles and then compiling them to make "one breathtaking image" of The Moment.
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Happy New Year!



Thanks Kristopher, for this great response to my craigslist photo find on 13-12-08. There is something so incredibly satisfying about a well stacked pile of fire wood.
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Days of Heaven

In case you've missed my movie recommendations over to the right, I want to draw special attention to this movie which I first saw in the mid 80's. It set the bar high for how what I hoped for in a film. Viewing it again the other night confirmed my absolute love for every bit of this film. I wish there were more like this.

Lauren Nassef

Lauren Nassef
A Drawing a Day