It was a great week in the studio playing with this "new" vintage wallpaper that I've found.

I've developed a nice groove with assembling these sketchbooks and am having fun with the process (I know it looks like serious chaos, but there's method to the madness) as well as major satisfaction with the results.
If there is anything more satisfying than sitting back and looking at a full stack of perfectly printed, folded and packaged letterpress cards it would have to be relishing a stack of freshly assembled, perfectly square, finished books.

It was a Maxwell House moment!


It feels like summer is winding down and I always have mixed feelings about this. Mostly cozy with a touch of melancholy. Many good weeks still left in the garden, though.
Above are a few avocado pits that I've started.
Below is Q in the garden with the nasturtiums that I've been enjoying all summer.
This is the first year I've grown these amazing little flowers and after a full summer of their gorgeous little faces gracing my vegetable bed, keeping pests away and decorating my salads, I can't imagine I'll ever have a garden without them.


The images of Nadav Kandar are too plentiful to represent with three pieces. He has a good dozen series on his site, which definitely deserves a good long browse. He's traveled all over the globe and made beautiful images and not without a little sly humor.


. ..... .
Masao Yamamoto
. ..... .


Experiencing technical difficulties.....computer has crashed so posts will slow. Meanwhile we did get out and witness a glimpse of the meteor showers. They say there will be hundreds......we saw a good half dozen. Not bad.


After a long hiatus The Dust of Life is back and posting like mad. These are two of his former students that he's posted on his blog. Above is John Choi and below is Jennifer Ray. Read more about them here.... beautiful and poignant work, each project deserves a long, slow look.


24 short hours in Portland to celebrate our 15th was just enough time to visit a few favorite spots and discover a few new ones.
I always love milling about the Mississippi area, the cutest neighborhood around, I think. I was sad to see that Flutter was gone.....I'm hoping it just moved? But was thrilled to finally get a chance to visit this little boutique nursery in the top photo.....if plants can make your heartbeat just a little faster they most certainly will here.

Oblation Papers...........(swoon).... in the Pearl.

I've forgotten the name of this breakfast cafe in the Pearl (anyone?) but it had a high collectors' love factor and low hipster invasion element (hipsters are just fine, but there is a saturation point) which made it the perfect spot.

Hotel Monaco.........super cute.....highly recommended!

Doug Fir Lounge.....got the Dust a little drunk then finished his drink for him. To his credit, they do make them strong.