Rosalie Gascoigne

Thank you to Two Thirds Sky for this link to such a rich artist.  I'm hooked on this palette, though there  are some really great vibrant pieces on her site as well in the strong yellows and oranges of the road signs that are the original materials.  Her materials also include corrugated tin, plywood and masonite.  I've loved perusing the pages.  The fact that Rosalie Gascoigne would be just about my grandmother's age (if she had not already passed) and made much of this work in her 70's is a great piece of inspiration as well.
Roasalie Gascoigne 

*would love to provide link to Two Thirds Sky but could not get the blogger link to work.  My apologies, and would love to have that link if to correct that if possible.


Fabio Zanino

Deconstructed and then reconstructed road signs by Fabio Zanino.
This fits right in with my thought that there is so much great stuff out there just waiting to be reinvented and I really love the way these are done.


Mobile Homes, Peter Garfield

No tricks, no computers, just some actual house flinging.  Peter Garfield.

Laurel Bustamante

For those who haven't already you must get your selves down to Davis and Cline Gallery to see the mad skills of Laurel Bustamante.  I love this show of her bird paintings.  They are exquisite and curious and maddeningly precise!
I'm serious....there is a magnifying glass provided to admire the details.

Dan Gluibizzi

Oh, it has been a dry spell for me, with the blogging, that is.....I'm breaking the lull with these.  I really like these.  From artist Dan Gluibizzi.