I don't really need another gadget, but......

It prints images downloaded from the internet onto your morning toast!
Doesn't break my unwritten rule to not post mass-marketed items, since this is not yet available, just an appetizing idea...... an interesting direction for technology and totally unnecessary.
Found on Gizmodo via Quipsologie


A Slice of Life/Car Wash Meditation

3.5 minutes.


Summer = Swim (a final excursion, I think)

The rivers are getting low and a little warmish.....this is probably the last swim of the summer...
but what an amazing swim!
Look closely at the last image and you'll spot Snow in mid-ever-so- graceful swan dive.


Jana Flohr

Dutch Designer Jana Flohr. Found via Taska. Wouldn't this make life simplier?


Jodi Carey

Jodie Carey
Look closely, these lushly ornate pieces are fabricated out of newspaper stained with coffee, tea and yes, blood.

Yuken Teruya

Yuken Teruya
Brillant work with the ubiquitous paper bag.


The Library of Dust

Read the thoughtful essay of the sad story behind these beautiful objects.
The book is called The Library of Dust, images by David Maisel.
Found via 52 Projects.