more paper worlds

I've stumbled upon yet another impressive artist using cut paper to create environments as well as discreet wall pieces. Chris Nathrop is a LA based artist (I think) that, after drawing on paper for some time found cutting into the paper itself to be more satisfying. I think I've gotten onto this paper kick......enjoying discovering all these beautiful pieces of manipulated paper. I'm sure there will be more to come!


Laura Parsons said...

Hey Elan, because I was sending some info about Pipo (and Googling to find out what I didn't know) to the Festival of the Photograph, I came across your Blog. I am really excited to learn about some of these artists you admire (and, incidentally, I'm friends with Donna Ruff--the world is miniscule). I now know I LOVE Noriko Ambe's and Patrick Jacobs' work--thank you!

Just fyi, I'm an old friend of Pipo's from Carleton College who helped put together the event he did with Dana Friis-Hansen for the 25th Reunion. He was SO GOOD!

But back to you-- do you know about paper sculptor Jane South (www.janesouth.com)? From the images you've posted, she seems to kind of fall somewhere between Jean Blackburn and Chris Nathrop. Also, here is my latest source of inspiration (I've been playing around with embroidery on digital photo transfers), which I think you might like, too: http://www.we-make-money-not-art.com/archives/2008/03/pricked-extreme-embroidery.php
I did not see the show but now wish like hell I had.

Anyway, Pipo and I barely got to speak in Northfield, but he did mention you're an artist, too, so I was psyched to run across your blog! I'd love to see some of your own work-- is it posted anywhere?

Sorry for such a long "comment," but I couldn't find an e-mail address to make it little less public. Oh well. Enjoy the rest of your summer (fyi-- and share this with Pipo--I drove an ice cream truck the summer after I got my MA from University of Virginia. The truck in your pics looks sooooo familiar.)

donna said...

Okay, now this is really freaky- HI LAURA!

Elan, i wish you would write me an email on my website, because I would love to know how you found my work, and to know more about you.

Noriko Ambe has a studio just down the hall from me, and the show I'm in at the Philadelphia Art Alliance has some other artists working with cut paper. I'm right now in Santa Fe at a residency and there is a small work by Jane South hanging on the wall in our hallway. I'm a big admirer of these artists who do such large installations of paper (kind of overwhelmed, actually) and people tell me, "work larger" but the gesture needs to stay fairly small so the work remains intimate.

I am so flattered that you posted my work on your blog- you are a wonderful writer and I feel that I'm in very good company here.

Also, how did you find my blog? I must be missing some technical expertise here.

elan said...

I've always wanted to drive an ice cream truck!
It was fun to find your comment, Laura. Thanks for the links to the great sites! I love finding new artists and it's amazing how many unique voices there are out there. I'm always so glad to hear that people find artists they might not have seen otherwise via my blog. It's extra cool when we discover there are some other little connections going on!
If you go to the "drawings" label on my blog you can see some of my work, I will try to label it better. There isn't a lot, but will be more later. Thanks for asking.
And thanks for the fun comment!

elan said...

oh, and Donna.......I'm running over to your blog right now to email you!