Mariska Kasasz

Sitting in waiting rooms is usually my imposed celebrity gossip reading time. This week I spent an hour in a lounge that offered American Craft Magazine. A warm spark was lit for a new enthusiasm for fibers and textiles solely by discovering the embroidery of Mariska Kasasz and reading about her love of the textile she was using. These are some amazing, busy, passionate pieces of needlework (and "passion" and "needlework" are not two words I ever imagined putting together!). The detailed images in the magazine are so much more satisfying than these here. I'm only disappointed to not be able to see (feel) up close the textiles she's using because she was actively gathering gorgeous fibers from around the world to work with, including hand spun yarn and threads, hand woven linens, pieces of broken cello wires and other odds and ends with a bit of history and touched by the hands. There is a book. Looks amazing. Read more about her here.

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