Thanks Kristopher, for this great response to my craigslist photo find on 13-12-08. There is something so incredibly satisfying about a well stacked pile of fire wood.
Via Wonderwall


laurie said...

Love the wonderwall! Looks relatively easy to diy at home, how cool would that be? Only problem is I'd worry about it getting full of spiders...and dog hair...and...

Ms. Monkeypuzzle, where can I find your email address? This is yer friend laurie@annikafinn.com...hey, how's it goin'?

elan said...

Hey there Laurie!
Yeah, I think there would be a lot of logistical concerns w/ this lovely detail.....including termites!
Oh, well, don't think it is the right solution for my home either. But it's super cool!
I think you can now find my email on my profile. Great to hear from you!