24 short hours in Portland to celebrate our 15th was just enough time to visit a few favorite spots and discover a few new ones.
I always love milling about the Mississippi area, the cutest neighborhood around, I think. I was sad to see that Flutter was gone.....I'm hoping it just moved? But was thrilled to finally get a chance to visit this little boutique nursery in the top photo.....if plants can make your heartbeat just a little faster they most certainly will here.

Oblation Papers...........(swoon).... in the Pearl.

I've forgotten the name of this breakfast cafe in the Pearl (anyone?) but it had a high collectors' love factor and low hipster invasion element (hipsters are just fine, but there is a saturation point) which made it the perfect spot.

Hotel Monaco.........super cute.....highly recommended!

Doug Fir Lounge.....got the Dust a little drunk then finished his drink for him. To his credit, they do make them strong.

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elisabeth said...

Hi Elan! Byways is the name of the restaurant. I know that place well...