The Loveliness of Lark Press

In spite of the lack of sleep, which is not due to active debauchery, but a, hopefuly temporary yet inconvenient  sleeping disorder which has set in the last few days, my long weekend in Portland has been good.
Lots of good girl-family time, which is rare and prized.
And a bit of shopping.
The most satisfying of which was here. Lark Press is my dream shop and this time I had the good luck to meet Nik of Bittersugar, who has a show just across the street of a phonetic alphabet at Ristretto Roasters at 3808 N Williams.  You can see more photos on her blog.
You can snag these here.
My plan is to get one for each letter in my family: PEAQ.  I'm very excited about this, though I have no wall space in my home yet, so I will have to clear a wall first.

So happy that I gave my son a Q name, because that quail is so perfect he makes my teeth hurt.


Randi Lou said...

You're so fun to spend the day with! Hooray for quails!

elan said...

Had a great time with you, too!!!