Kristen Hassenfeld

Turns out I have my  laptop for just a day or two more and so as I stumbled upon this beautiful work over at My Love For You I had to include it here. 
This is the work of Kristen Hassenfeld, installations of discarded objects brought together in a most delicious way.  (more images here)
In her words:
"I have begun to look towards unwanted, existing objects as a raw material, thus yoking my interest in our impact on the natural world with my focus on the decorative. The resulting sculptures are built from small ornamental and utilitarian objects, found in thrift stores, gutters and junk drawers, literally piled one atop the other, to reveal complex symmetrical forms, reminiscent of historic turned wood and ivory tabletop ornaments. The bits of matter I employ have outlived their useful lives, and so have been repurposed. Old buttons, bottle caps, old crockery, and the like combine, their past lives in conversation. They exist in remarkable harmony, their individual identities blurred, restless objects now at rest."

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