Raul Gutierrez

While looking for images of Justine's to post I stumbled upon this blog of the photographer Raul Gutierrez which has a seemingly endless supply of amazing links to photographers. It will take me forever to follow these links.......I fully look forward to it. These images here are Gutierrez, who photographs places that are rapidly changing. These are from the desert and mountain regions of China's western borders.
This is what he wrote about his work:

"In these dusty forgotten places I found way stations between cultures where one can see the past and future simultaneously. One year a road is made of dirt. A year later it is gravel. Three years later it is a four lane highway. Ancient cities are razed and rebuilt with breathtaking disregard for history. Land which was open for nomads is fenced an mined. Seeing these changes over such a short time is a perspective that is at once disorienting and tragic. I try to make images that show these things or at least some of the emotional truths behind them, because I know that by the time I return everything will be almost unrecognizable."

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