Donna Ruff and Jihyun Park

I think my jaw literally dropped when I saw this work by NY artist Donna Ruff. These burned paper drawings combine so many elements I love; beautiful line quality, the controlled looseness of the burning technique and book pages. I'm almost afraid of showing work that may influence me as much as this could! See more of her beautiful work, including books and installations here.
Or, if you're in NY this summer see the work in person here, or in Philadelphia check it out here.

Jihyun Park is another artist working incredibly skillfully and beautifully w/ the burned drawing method. These drawings are contemplations of Utopia done w/ incense on paper. Given that word “utopia” in Korean is “Yi Sang Hwang” and “Hwang” means “incense” the choice of incense as a drawing tool becomes clear.

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sosser said...

gorgeous work. my jaw fell open, too...