Laura Splan

These delicate, lacey drawings of doilies and neuroanatomical forms by artist Laura Splan are made even more surprising with the knowledge that the primary drawing medium is the artist's own blood, taken from a stab to her finger.
To quote the artist's statement directly:
I was drawn to these images as a formal exploration of the elements of our body that tell us we sense pain or pleasure. We respond to these sensations in a way that we often have no control over. Bleeding itself is an involuntary response to the penetration of the skin. The images of neurons and other brain structures evoke the complex psychological and physiological responses our body has to outside forces. The forms of the brain structures act as visual metaphors for the extreme complexity and delicate fragility of the human body.

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Elsita :) said...

Dear Elan, thank you so much for introducing me to one of the most wonderuful Artists that I have ever seen. These drawings are so amazing and deep and visceral as it is the rest of her work.
I love your blog.
Elsita :)