Lula Capri

I took a peek this morning at Lula Capri. It was such a treat to see what my friend has been posting on this new blog of hers. These gorgeous, intricate little worlds with birds and dogs are meticulously painted w/ the tiniest brushes you can find. They are just 5"x7" and the fine lines just seem to float effortlessly on the surface. There is something so loving and elegant about the way the dogs and birds are painted. Can't wait to see the paintings in person, Lula!


Elsita :) said...

Another amazing Artist! You have the best taste ever!
Thank you!
Elsita :)

cris said...

Can someone put me in touch with "Lula Capri?" Would love to know more about her work.
Thank you!
- Cris

elan said...

glad you like the work as much as I do. You can reach Lula via email @ Lula@opendoor.com.